Get In Shape For Christmas!

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At To Be Free there are no weights or intimidating hard to program machines just an easy to learn circuit training workout consisting of 5 hydraulic machines and 5 cardio pads. The machines are 2 way positive so you are working more than just 1 muscle group on each. As the hydraulic canisters are worked by speed the workout is great for any fitness level and any age.

Taking just 30 minutes (including a 10 minute stretch routine) the workout is excellent for reducing body fat, toning and increasing cardio fitness. There is a cue tape so you always know when to move onto the next station and you do just 30 seconds on each for a minimum of 4 laps. Unlike other gyms there is a heart rate check every 7 minutes to make sure that you are working at the right level for your age. 30 minutes 3 times a week is all you need to keep your heart healthy and burn calories, this makes it easy to include exercise into the busy lifestyles that so many of us now have.

There is no booking required giving women the freedom to workout anytime of the day without having to make an appointment to do so. At To Be Free there is no joining fee, the option of a 6 month or 12 month contract and pay as you go available. Phone: 01206 795835 Email: or visit To Be Free at Unit 19 Davey Close, Greenstead Rd, Colchester.

No Obligation Free Week Trials Are Now Available!!

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