Photos of gym/equipment

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To Be Free is an exciting new ladies only fitness studio opening on the 10th of
> February in Colchester, Essex.
> To Be Free offers a 30 minute cardio and strength training workout in a
> comfortable, energizing and fun environment!
> There are no treadmills, weights or bikes, just friendly staff, pumping
> music and an easy to learn hydraulic circuit for all ages and fitness
> levels!
> Email us today for more information at:
> First 100 ladies to contact us will be entered into a free prize draw to
> win 1 years free membership!
> We look forward to making your dreams reality!
> Special discount for Students and University of Essex Staff
HI Georgina
Do you remember me asking if you might have any photos of the gym or equipment my son could have to put in his A level project. If you don't have any would it be possible for him to come down and take a couple of pictures?

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